I Trembled at His Words

A few days ago, I sat behind my desk, thinking. What? Questions crowded my mind. What if my novel would never get published? What if no one would take notice of my story? What is this and that? I felt lonely in the sense that no one seemed to understand me. Then another thought came to my mind: “Dicky, why don’t you delete all of your work and forget all about writing. Go ahead and destroy all the work.” But I didn’t. Rather I cried out to God and told Him about my feelings. 

That same night, I had my regular quiet time with the Lord. He drew my attention to Philippians 1:6 (NIV). As I was reading His Living Words, my hands trembled; my heart pounded; and my tears welled in my eyes. He knew me well; He knew my thoughts; He knew my heart; and He knew what I needed the most at that time. 

I wanted to give up writing my novel; I wanted to destroy all the work that I had done, but the Lord spoke to me that I should move on. Yes, I have again continued what I have started and will complete what He has laid heavily on my heart for His Name, His Glory, and His Honor.

My work is no longer mine, but His.

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