Operation Christmas Child

February 24, 2012

Today, I received a report from Operation Christmas Child, a Christian ministry by Samaritan’s Purse.

In the report, I saw photos of children who held shoe boxes in their hands and had a big smile on their faces.

I pray that they may find Jesus as the Biggest Gift of all.

You can know more about this ministry at http://www.samaritanspurse.org/index.php/occ.

Watch the videos, look at the photos and read the articles.

Let us spread the Good News to the world.



My Senses

February 22, 2012

“Not to us, O LORD, not to us 
  but to your name be the glory, 
  because of your love and faithfulness.”
Psalm 115:1 

In the craft of writing, I have learned that we writers should show the readers what the characters do, see, taste, smell, think, feel, hear, and touch. In this post, I want to tell you my senses. Read the rest of this entry »

“Take Me In” by Jennifer Slattery

February 21, 2012
Dear friends,
I met Jennifer on American Christian Fiction Writers (www.acfw.com). Please read her article ‘Take Me In‘. It is about how God takes us deeper in His will.
Thank you.

My son’s birthday

February 18, 2012

Today we celebrated my first son’s birthday.

He is now twelve years old and has his own circle of friends. He is just like me: a mind full of questions. Plus he loves to write. He writes beautiful poems and short stories like a professional novelist. I believe that is one of the talents that the Lord gave him. I ask myself: how can a little boy write like a professional novelist without any training? I can only praise God for this gift.

I remember the minute my son came into the world as a new-born baby. So cute. As his father, I will continue to watch over him until the day I return to the ground.

For his birthday, I pray that the Lord may keep him safe and protected in all circumstances, and that the Lord may keep watching over him as His eye is always on the sparrow.


“Leah: A Desperate Housewife” by Fay Lamb

February 15, 2012

This post is written by Fay Lamb, the author of Because of Me. 

Fay Lamb

Fay Lamb

“And it came to pass, that in the morning, behold, it was Leah: and he said to Laban,
What is this thou hast done unto me? Did not I serve with thee for Rachel?
Wherefore then hast thou beguiled me?”
Genesis 29:25 

I’ve never watched the television show Desperate Housewives. Not one minute of it, but I’ve seen the commercials. That’s enough for me.  I can’t imagine living in a neighborhood of catty, conniving women. I wouldn’t want to live there, and if I found myself surrounded by such woman, I’d do everything I could to move.

The concept of desperate housewives isn’t new. We have a glimpse of two desperate women wanting the attention of the same man when we read the life of Jacob and his marriages to Leah and Rachel.

What must it have been like for Leah? She couldn’t remove herself from the situation her father placed her into. Her father had given her in marriage to a man who had eyes only for her sister, a man who when he found he’d been tricked into the marriage, immediately set about to marry the woman he loved?  And in some ways, Leah’s sister was as bad as the woman of Wisteria Lane.

Genesis 29:31 tells us that God saw that Leah was unloved—that Jacob had no feelings for her. His true affection belonged to Rachel. Leah could have resorted to conniving, as Rachel later did when she wanted Leah’s mandrakes. She also could have decided to make Jacob’s life miserable as Rachel had done when she demanded from Jacob things that were not his to give. “Give me children, or else I die,” she said.  Instead, Leah quietly endured.  This desperate housewife turned her attention to God.

And because God saw that Jacob loved Rachel and not Leah, He chose to bless Leah with children while Rachel was unable to bear children for a time. With each birth of her first four sons, Leah’s conversation with God showed the depth of her desperation:

 Leah named her firstborn Reuben, which literally means, See, a son. Then she said, “Surely, the Lord hath looked upon my affliction; now therefore my husband will love me.” Can’t you just imagine this woman’s broken heart crying out, “Lord, my husband doesn’t see me”?

When she gave birth to her second child, she said, “Because the Lord hath heard that I was hated, he hath therefore give me this son also,” and she named this son Simeon, which means, Heard.  In other words, Leah was saying, “Lord, my husband doesn’t hear me.”

Her third son, Leah named Levi, which means attached, and she said, “Now, this time will my husband be joined unto me, because I have born him three sons.” How sad it is to know that Leah was actually saying to the Lord, “Father, my husband’s heart is not joined with mine.”

And still in the face of Jacob’s lack of devotion, Leah continued to have faith in the Lord. When she conceived her fourth son, she named him Judah, which means Praise, and she declared, “Now will I praise the LORD. “

Leah may never have come to terms with the fact that her husband’s affections belonged to Rachel. In naming her younger sons it was clear she still longed for Jacob to love her, but Leah, a truly desperate housewife, gave her sorrows over to God, and God blessed Leah with children, and through the lineage of this quiet woman of prayer, the world received a blessing. . .Jesus Christ. 


Fay Lamb works as an acquisition/copyeditor for Pelican Book Group (White Rose Publishing and Harbourlight Books), offers her services as a freelance editor, and is an author of Christian romance and romantic suspense. Her emotionally charged stories remind the reader that God is always in the details. Because of Me, her debut romantic suspense novel is published by Treble Heart Books/Mountainview Publishing.

Fay has a passion for working with and encouraging fellow writers. As a member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW), she co-moderates the large Scribes’ Critique Group and manages the smaller Scribes’ critique groups. For her efforts, she was the recipient of the ACFW Members Service Award in 2010.

In 2012, Fay was also elected to serve as secretary on ACFW’s Operating Board.

Fay and her husband, Marc, reside in Titusville, Florida, where multi-generations of their families have lived. The legacy continues with their two married sons and five grandchildren. 

Fay’s debut novel: Because of Me:

Because of Me

Because of Me

Not your typical Christian fiction.

Michael’s fiancée, Issie Putnam, was brutally attacked and Michael was imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit. Now he’s home to set things right.

Two people stand in his way: Issie’s son, Cole, and a madman.

Can Michael learn to love the child Issie holds so close to her heart and protect him from the man who took everything from Michael so long ago? 

Available through all fine book retailers, Amazon.com, and Mountainview Publishing (www.trebleheartbooks.com/MVLamb.html), a division of Treble Heart Books.

Purchase the book at:


“The Body of Christ” by Zeke Lam

February 11, 2012



This post is written by Zeke Lam, author of SUBMISSION. http://submissionministries.org/the-book/

What is the greatest challenge that the Church is facing today? Zeke Lam suggests that one word is the greatest challenge:  submission, or the lack thereof. It is not external forces that nullify the testimony of a Christ-centered believer, but rather the failure to humbly submit to the voice of the Lord. This book will help you to live a surrendered life abiding in Christ.

  Is the approval of God more important to you than the approval of man?

  Is the presence of God evident in your life?

  Do you fiercely protect your intimacy with Christ?

  Do you desire to live a life of truth, free from the lies of the devil?

  Is God’s divine character visible to those around you?

Learn how to submit your life wholeheartedly to the Lord so that you can dwell continually in the secret place—a place of intimacy, surrender and joy.


“The Body of Christ” by Zeke Lam

            The body of Christ, also known as the Church, is the common expression given to those who have been transformed by the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ. It represents power, authority, love, and a measure of unity that can only exist through Christ. In terms of importance, there is not an institution on the face of this earth that can be considered its equal. Why? It is an expression of the very character of our Savior, and He gave His life for her!  

            Paul spoke frequently about the body of Christ. He emphasized the importance of the Church operating as a true body. In other words, each member understanding that he/she is essential although possessing differing gifts, talents, and roles. I Corinthians 12: 12-26 paints a beautiful picture of the importance of a properly functioning body. Similar to the human body, it is made of many different members, all of which play a critical role in its overall success.  

            The human body is set up in such a way that each part, regardless of how glorious it is, remains essential to the overall unity of the whole. Unity is not a struggle when each member’s focus is not on themselves. Consider verse 25 of I Corinthians 12 in light of this statement. Paul writes: “so that there may be no division in the body, but that the members may have the same care for one another.”

            Division in the body of Christ is perhaps one of the most devastating plagues infecting the Church today. God creates each individual with a specific purpose and function through which He can be glorified. For some it is pastoring. For some it is missions. For some it is parenting. For some it is business. For some it is volunteering. While some callings and gifts appear from the eye of man as more glorious than others, God only sees one thing. Will we be obedient to the calling and purpose He has for our lives? Whether on a big stage or in a mountain jungle, what makes you and I an effective member of the body of Christ is our willingness to assume the role He ordained for us.

            When we take our eyes off ourselves and place them on Christ, we can remain in a condition as a member of His body to do our part to see Him glorified. If you have received Him as your Savior, you are His beloved bride. He will cherish and love you like none other.

            Consider this question as you and I think about the parts we play in His Kingdom work, and our faithfulness to it.  “If you ceased to exist today, would the body miss you?”

            Never forget how valuable you are to the advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Rank or title does not apply. The only thing that counts is obedience! If He created you to be an “ear”, and you spend your life as a “head”, then despite being one of the more crucial members, you have failed. An effective, Kingdom minded member is one who steadfastly obeys God’s purpose for his/her life.

Zeke Lam

Zeke Lam


ZEKE LAM is the founder of SUBMISSION Ministries—a ministry devoted to seeing lost souls encounter God and live lives fully surrendered to the risen Christ. A graduate of Liberty University, Zeke’s deep passion for following Christ’s will has led him through many years of youth ministry and itinerant evangelism. Both of these experiences have enriched and fueled his desire to hand others the keys to a Christ-centered life. Zeke resides in Virginia with his beautiful wife, Kathleen, and a growing family of future world-changers. http://submissionministries.org