My Senses

“Not to us, O LORD, not to us 
  but to your name be the glory, 
  because of your love and faithfulness.”
Psalm 115:1 

In the craft of writing, I have learned that we writers should show the readers what the characters do, see, taste, smell, think, feel, hear, and touch. In this post, I want to tell you my senses.

  • Do: My act, my behavior, and my conduct should let others know that I am God’s child because I bear His name. If the things that I do fail to reflect His glory, how will others put their trust in the Lord?
  • See: Whatever I see will stay in my memory for a period of time, short or long. But is everything I see ‘healthy’ to my soul? Does the image bring ‘lust’ to my mind? Does the image frighten me in a way that I may have nightmare? If the answer is yes, then why should I waste a second to look at it? Why should I yield to temptation which will lead me to sin and to harm my relationship with the Lord?
  • Taste/Smell: Mmmmm, it tastes so good; it smells so good. But is the food healthy to my body? If I become sick or weak because I eat too much ‘junk food’, what will others think of me?
  • Think: If my mind is full of ‘worldly thoughts’, it will have no room left for the Word of God. If the Word of God does not reside in my mind, how can I grow spiritually and become more Christ-like? I need the Word of God to block any ‘unhealthy thoughts’ that cross my mind.
  • Feel: I have emotions. But if my feelings are negative or depressing, why should I let them bother me? I know it is hard to deal with unpleasant events, but I have my Savior who went through emotional pains that I can never endure. So I need to look at Jesus when I am down.
  • Hear: I don’t like gossip or rumor because these things will never build me up into a stronger Christian. Rather, I like to hear the voice of God resonating in my heart when I quietly read the Bible in my room. His voice is soft and kind. It was His voice that called me to surrender my life to Him on a quiet night when I was alone reading the Bible in my apartment years ago.
  • Touch: Since I was born, everything I touch falls to the ground. I don’t know why. Back to my sense: It is so good that I now let God touch me in all circumstances because His touch always gives me comfort.

See the Bible verse on top of this page? What does it mean to you? What are your senses? Can you share? Do you have more to add to my list? I welcome your thoughts.


8 Responses to My Senses

  1. Deborah K. Anderson says:

    Great post, Dicky. Reminds all of us to keep our focus on Him.

    God bless you.

  2. Susan Michaels says:

    Excellent words and truth…thank you, Dicky!

  3. Great insight into our walk with Christ! Precise and direct. Thank you!

  4. writinggomer says:

    Great post Dicky, thank you for an insightful reminder of what we need to be about!

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