At The Fork

I stand at the fork of the road. There I see two signs: one reads ‘Narrow Path to the Green Pasture in one day’ and the other ‘Wide Tunnel to the Green Pasture in no time.’ Without a moment’s hesitation, I choose the tunnel.

Stepping into the tunnel, I look around, only to learn that darkness envelops me. My heavy footsteps tramp through the muddy ground as I grope for the wall. My feet feel something like a rock. I stumble and fall. My cry echoes down the endless tunnel.

Soft footfalls approach and swell. I lift my head and gaze at the man smiling at me.

He crouches. “Do not fear. I’ll help you.” He clasps my right hand, helps me up, and leads me to the Green Pasture. Breezes caress my cheeks as I lie down on the grass.

7 Responses to At The Fork

  1. Whew! Vivid writing, Dicky, and so pictures the psalms of David.

  2. LightWriters says:


  3. Beautiful imagery, Dicky. Enjoyed this:)

  4. Beautiful writing Dicky.

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