Why is she that beautiful?

I always incline my ears toward the most beautiful voice in the church sanctuary as the congregation sings hymns. The voice is so sweet it lifts my soul heavenward. I glance at my wife and ask myself a question. Why is her voice that beautiful?

Years ago, I started my friendship with her. When I first heard her sing at church, I was amazed by her professional singing voice. I felt drawn to her more and more.

Why is she that pretty? That’s another question I always ask myself. During our college years, many American young men wanted to chase after her, but I’d already won her heart. Was I the luckiest man of all? No. Instead, I was and I am the most blessed man of all because God brought my wife into my life. I wish I could show you her photo.

She also has inner beauty: a godly and spiritual wife and mother. God uses her to raise our two boys. No, I should have said three boys, myself included.

When I get to heaven, I will certainly ask God why He gave her to be my lovely wife.

I thank God for His blessings.

15 Responses to Why is she that beautiful?

  1. Beautiful! Superb! You have made the angels in heaven smile today! Blessings. 🙂

  2. What a sweet share, Dicky To. How blessed you are, indeed. 🙂

  3. Jean Sapinski says:

    Yes, Dicky you certainly do have a beautiful wife. Inside and out, just as you said. God is so kind and generous – isn’t He.

  4. To whom much is given, Much is expected :o)!

  5. LightWriters says:

    How encouraging to see your dedication and sincerely deep love and appreciation for your wife, Dicky! God bless you both richly!

  6. What beautiful thoughts. I appreciate your lovely sentiments about your beautiful and godly wife.

  7. Dicky, your wife is so blessed to have a husband who recognizes her gifts and special abilities. May you encourage her to continue on the journey towards becoming a mighty woman who’s being molded into God’s masterpiece!

  8. Beautiful, Dicky. May God continue to bless you and your family.

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