He is who He is

Today as I was walking along a corridor in the office building, I took a look at a name plate affixed to a wall next to an office. The name has been changed.

For three and half years, my manager had occupied that office, and we had met in that same room for thousands of times. We had chatted and prayed in there as well. Now he has moved to a small cube. When we have our 1-to-1 meeting, we will need to find a room so that we can talk in private.

As a Christian, I know that the Name of our Lord Christ Jesus will never change. He was Christ in the beginning; He is Christ today; and He will always be Christ forever.

I am also grateful that He does not have an office and that He does not need to move from place to place. Whenever I need Him, He will always be there for me, because He lives within my heart.

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