Wonton Noodles

Many HongKongers are crazy about wonton noodles. I am no exception.

Wonton Noodles

Wonton Noodles

What make this kind of noodles so special and so tasty are two things: the soup base and the filling of the wontons. If done right, the soup should be made of pork bones, chicken and dried shrimps. The filling should contain 80% of shrimps and 20% of lean pork. If yellow chives are added to the soup, the noodles will taste a lot better.

In Chicago Chinatown, there are a few restaurants that offer good wonton noodles, but they are still not as great as those in Hong Kong.

The photo that you see was taken in a well-known noodle shop in Hong Kong. Does it make your mouth water?


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