Stop the wind

Please pray that the Lord may prevent the hurricane Irene from destroying lives.

7 Responses to Stop the wind

  1. Praying with you!

  2. Abby Kelly says:

    I was praying too, and now I’m thanking! It’s amazing the friendships that you begin to establish here. I enjoy FaithWriters and Jeanne Webster too!

  3. Abby Kelly says:

    I also wanted to say thank you for subscribing! I have subscribed to your blog as well and look forward to reading some of your fiction!

    • Dicky says:

      Dear Kelly, I have posted 2 chapters of my fictional story on my blog and The titles are ‘Broken Spirit; Seeking Heart’, and The Downhearted and the Cheerful. I look forward to receiving your comments. I am happy that the Lord has connected all of us through the internet. Isn’t it amazing?

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