Lunch with Daddy

There is a new Chinese restaurant near where I live. My wife and I tried its lunch buffet on a Friday, and we thought it was pretty good.

Last Saturday, I took my two boys to the restaurant as both of them wanted to try the buffet also. When we arrived, I asked one of the waitresses about the price, and she handed me their price list. To my surprise, the price was far beyond what we had in mind. I told my boys that what the restaurant charged their customers was not reasonable. They both understood.

Then we ended up going to an American buffet, which offered seafood, meat, noodles, soup, beverages, and dessert. As we ate, I shared with them that it was not that I could not afford a pricy lunch, but that we needed to spend our money wisely. They both understood that having lunch with me their Daddy was to enjoy the quality time together; the food was of less importance.

2 Responses to Lunch with Daddy

  1. Abby Kelly says:

    My dad used to take each one of his four girls to lunch once a month. The time together was priceless and those are some of my greatest memories.

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