The Violin


Violin (Wikipedia)

This post is a poem written by my son.


Oh how I hate the violin,

It really belongs in the trash bin,

It is the cause of all distress,

And makes me feel so oppressed,

The piano with its black and white,

Would be a hundred times better than that dreadful sight,

The cause of infinite stress,

It is such a horrible pest,

I do not have to play it for long,

Since it makes me so forlorn,

Just a year and a half’

with 10 added to that!

 Copyright Dicky To 2011

2 Responses to The Violin

  1. Susan Michaels says:

    I like the design of the violin and bow that comes through with the poem! Awesome! Also very funny. My nephew didn’t like violin either, but loved piano.

  2. Loved this! Sweet but realistic thoughts and feelings!

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