A Christmas Group Project

I am going to make this post very short because I want to catch up on my sleep. Also, I am sorry that I haven’t had the time to read your posts.

Today a group of volunteers, including myself, served lunch to 350 seniors at my church. As I poured coffee for them or handed them cookies, they smiled and said ‘Thank you.’

Their happy faces told me that they felt welcomed; they felt important. I felt the warmth.

Serving the Lord in this group project allowed me to see His Love for the elderly people. He touched their hearts; He smiled; He saw their happy faces.

Have a good sleep.

4 Responses to A Christmas Group Project

  1. Wonderful! Blessings to you and your group!

  2. hey, good for you, Dicky! That’s awesome! God will refresh! 🙂

  3. joycedevivre says:

    Fantastic project 🙂 Have a good rest and God bless 🙂

  4. pbus1 says:

    Sounds like a wonderful project! May the Lord replenish you, and pour back into your spirit, in good measure!


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