He witnessed in his final days

Dear friends,

I haven’t written a real article since December 2011 because I have been very busy working on my first Christian romance novel and learning the craft of writing. I am sorry that I haven’t had the time to visit your blogs. Please accept my apology.

Some of you have already known that my very dear friend Kody went home to be with the Lord last October after battling his cancer for a year. He was only 32 on earth. I said this because he still lives in my heart and is enjoying his eternal life in the Kingdom of God, where our Lord Jesus Christ is.

Last week, I met a church friend at a barber shop. He told me that Kody testified his faith in front of a congregation at his local church in Hong Kong. Kody’s spirit and his trust in the Lord did give a great encouragement to his church even during his last days on earth.

There was a miracle. According to my church friend, there were four sores on Kody’s face. The doctor and the nurse said that they were incurable. One day, Kody insisted that he wanted to go home. He was sent back home. Some time later, the four sores on his face disappeared. The doctor and the nurse could not even find a single mark, and they said that it was impossible. God wanted to let us know that He did listen to our prayers, but it was His will to take Kody with Him. Also, nothing is impossible for God as He can do anything according to His own will. No one can stand in His way. Just as He made Kody’s sores disappear; that proved that He heard our prayers and wanted to show us His healing power. I believe that He took Kody home because He knew Kody’s witness would encourage all people around him, and it did.

I still miss Kody very much, and my tears are about to spill from my eyes. But I also look up to the Almighty, who is my strength.


12 Responses to He witnessed in his final days

  1. Susan Michaels says:

    Thinking of you, Dicky. The Lord is with us in valleys of loss. This is a beautiful article and testimony. And I am so glad to hear of your continuing your writing, even in the midst of sadness. God bless!

  2. A witnessing tool from your friend, Kody. Though he is in heaven, he continues to affect the lives of many through his life of trust and faith in God. Great comfort to you, Dicky, I’m sure.

  3. enitsirk24 says:

    I love faith stories . Thank you for sharing.

  4. pbus1 says:

    Hi Dicky,

    Be of good coverage. The Lord will strengthen your heart! Thinking of you! God bless!


  5. pbus1 says:

    Sorry about the dictation typo. It should have been “courage” rather than coverage.

  6. Joyce de vivre says:

    God is always good! Even in the most impossible ways, He can make all things possible. I feel the same hurt when one of my closest friends died. Sorry to hear about this news… but I trust the Lord that He will cover you with His comfort and will keep your soul joyful to Kody’s wonderful testimony and friendship. God bless and excited to read about the novel…

  7. Wonderful testimony, Dicky. My prayers for God’s peace in the midst of your sorrow. God bless.

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