Do you trust God?

Rebekah in the Old Testament is a woman of faith. Her encounter with a stranger changed her life forever.

As a girl, Rebekah may just have wanted to marry a man in her local village. Until one day a stranger approached her when she came out to draw water.

The stranger was Abraham’s chief servant Eliezer. He traveled from Canaan to Nahor to find a wife for his master’s son Isaac. Before he met Rebekah, Eliezer prayed to the Lord that if a girl gave him a drink and also drew water for his camels, she would be the one God had chosen.

Rebekah did exactly what Eliezer had inquired of the Lord when he approached her. When Eliezer went to her house and met her family, he plainly told them about his mission. When asked if she would marry Isaac, Rebekah said yes. Early the next morning, she left her village and embarked on a long journey to Canaan.

Did Rebekah ever fear the unknown and then return to her village? No. Rebekah took a leap of faith and traveled to Canaan to marry Isaac whom she had never met before.

If Rebekah did not take the leap of faith, she would have missed God’s blessing to become the mother of Jacob, the father of the nation Israel.

Recently, I received an e-mail from a Christian lady. She invited me to join a Christian ministry to write dramas. In the e-mail, she told me that my dramas would be used to reach out to many Chinese. Her message excited me and also terrified me.

I asked myself, “Can I write dramas? It is something I have never done before.”

Then I prayed to God, “Lord, if this is Your will for me, please help me.”

I felt unburdened after my prayer. I replied to the lady that I would love to write dramas for the ministry.

The thing that excited me was: God answered my prayer, for I had been longing to reach out to Chinese especially the Chinese non-believers. One day, the ministry director called me. He told me that my dramas would be translated into Chinese and then broadcast in China.

Thousands of Chinese will listen to the dramas and their lives would be touched. I will not take any credit, for God is the One who will lead them to His Son Jesus Christ. I am only His servant.

If I did not take the leap of faith, I would have missed the opportunity to reach out to thousands of unsaved souls in China.

Do you feel called by God to do something you have never done before? Do you want to take a leap of faith and become a blessing to other people?

Genesis 24:58 “… I will go.”

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  1. Susan Michaels says:

    Dicky…this is so well written and very exciting news! Praise God, and alleluia for His giving us opportunities for new leaps of faith! Congratulations, my friend! 🙂

  2. Great post Dicky. I do feel called to do something I have never done. I am feeling like God wants me to be serving the homeschool community where I live, through lessons and music classes. This would mean quiting a pretty secure job for something that is less secure. But it would also mean being home with my own children more and writing more. Although the job seems less safe, I know God is safe. I am trusting Him, that is all I can do.

    Congrats to you and the doors God is opening for you!

  3. BK Jackson says:

    What an awesome opportunity of service. I’m excited just reading your post!

  4. Dicky,

    A great opportunity lies ahead for you! Remember the dreams and plans you shared? I do. God has blessed you with your heart’s desire. Amen!

  5. joseyphina says:

    Very touching message.

  6. Sharon Srock says:

    Writing was the thing God called me to do that I hesitated to do. 25 years later I’m writing and I’m soon to be published. I wonder where I’d be now, if I’d listened all those years ago.

  7. Cristal says:

    Congratulations on your leap of faith! Thank you for insipiring all of us to do the same. You are leaving an incredible example of surrender and yieldedness.

  8. Great blog post Dikky. You should put the twitter symbol on here so people can share this on twitter.

  9. That’s so exciting, Dicky! I admire how you made the decision to go to God in prayer and then took the leap of faith. May the Lord continue to speak through you as you write dramas for the ministry.

    “…The righteous will live by faith” (Galatians 3:11).

  10. Joyce de vivre says:

    Wow, this blew me up away. And I had a good laugh remembering myself asking same questions to the Lord, as if He is not strong to do His will on me. Good thing we can always pray and He always listens 🙂 Thanks for sharing this Dicky!

  11. pbus1 says:

    Congrats Dicky! Beautifully written!


  12. Fiath in God will lead you to abundant blessings. When i was 24 i had spent the last four years being wild, young and free! I had always been blessed with a relationship with God, and i was more like the prodigal son then. I enjoyed all that life brought my way and abundantly…but then a change came about. Three things i was threatened by some crooks at my job where i was a manager, i hurt myself and my job and could no longer work, and a diffferent calling had embraced my heart! You see though i turned from God, he never turned away from me! I was reading a bible on my mothers porch, i could not work because everytime i would get up my ankle would swell and when is sat down it would not. After sittng this way for two months i begin to understand. My Father was speaking to my heart…as i read Jonahs prayer in the belly of the well, I became contrite and very humbly moved by the living word. So it had come to my moment of choice, would i follow the world which would probably lead to my destruction, or would i run back to my Fathers lovingly embracing arms. Being we always had a very good relationship in the past I began to bargain with my friend, my God, my Lord. Our relationship was alway this way! I prayed My Lord if i turn to you please heal me, when you embrace me again, take the wrong things from within my hearts, I will never run the streets or chase women again, if you promise to find me a wife, and if you find me a new job and environment i would go where you send me! After i prayed i was able to rise up with no swelling. Now perplexed and determined, i left my motthers porch near the outskirts near Upper Darby, outside of Philadephia and i begin to walk, i walked all the wa from 61st and Girard ave to broad st in downtown philly! I heard a soft voice speak to my heart and said turn here, and as i walked on broad st, the voice told me to enter here. Not even looking to see where i was at. Faith was moving alive and well in my life again. It was an Air Force recruiting office, and being 24 i was ready to go! But they said i had to wait because my specialty school would not have an opening for me until April. I was frustrated because i was determined to go, keeping my promise. Unknown to me My wife had finished High School early and had permission to go into the miltary but, they told her in St Louis, she to had to wait for her specialty to have a opening…when, it would be in April also. We came to basic training at the same time, from two different parts of the country, rode the same bus to basic training, and attended all the way through and she was only always no more than 100 feet from me the entire time but i never saw her. Not wanting to look at a woman again. Well we went to tech school after basic on the same bus to the same base, she saw me and said i was handsome to herself when she boarded the bus. Me i did not notice anything. A young lady who was trying to get my attention and maybe date me when i refused to go along with her plan, said she had a friend who wanted to meet me, but she also said it to my future wife, we met at the end of april 1977 and we married that year on June 24th. I had gotton my blessing from God, I went from making three thousand a month in the world at my other job, But in the military i only made three hundred a month and i was much happier. My birthday is 5/22/52, and her home address when she came into the military was 522 s 51st in southern Ilinois. Long story short, I took a leap of faith and trusted my lord and my life has been abundantly blessed since that day! I will celebrated my 35th wedding anniversary this month!. I have learned always believing in god and taking that step will always turn out right. Thnaks for your wonderful article Dicky! Here is a poem for you to share!

    Faith II

    Faith is to believe
    In what the eyes
    cannot see, but what
    the heart does know
    so well

    Faith is to know that
    where ever I travel,
    no matter where I am,
    that the Lord is always
    there with me.

    For Faith is having
    confidence in the only
    One, whose love
    transcends all others
    in this world

    Faith is knowing whether
    My body lives or dies
    That it shall never know
    The flames of hell.

    Because You Lord
    have saved my soul
    and spirit with Your
    eternal love.

    The Brown One Poet
    Copyright 2010

    • Dicky says:

      Hi Wendell, thank you for your beautiful testimony. God leads us one step at a time. And I like your poem, too.

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