The Heart of a Christian Writer

On Wednesday, 05/30/2012, I attended the Write to Publish Conference at Wheaton College, Illinois.

This was my first national writing conference since I joined American Christian Fiction Writers in November 2011. The Christian campus was beautiful and had many tall buildings. I felt like our Lord Jesus Christ embraced me in His arms. The surroundings delivered a sense of peace to my heart. I wanted to be a student again.

At the opening session, one of the speakers gave us a brief sermon based on the Book of Nehemiah. As you know, Nehemiah went back to Jerusalem to rebuild the wall. He gathered a group to do the task. As they repaired the gates, they faced enemies and outcries. But they never gave up. With God’s help, they finished rebuilding the wall.

Although we write different stories (romance, suspense, mystery, etc.), we should serve the same purpose: to touch the hearts of the people who need the Lord. Like Nehemiah, we Christian writers should join our hearts together and encourage one another in our writings.

If we compete against one another, what glory can we bring to the Lord? We build a wall not to block other writers but to block our mutual enemy: the evil one.

Nehemiah 4:6 “. . . for the people worked with all their heart.”

6 Responses to The Heart of a Christian Writer

  1. Susan Michaels says:

    How exciting and inspiring, Dicky! Thanks for sharing about this great experience! blessings, S.

  2. I am so proud of you, Dicky! WOW! You are really developing your talents. Continued blessing! 🙂

  3. writinggomer says:

    Good for you, I hope this was a blessing to you! I agree, we need to work with one another against our common enemy.

    Blessings to you Dicky

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