Until We Meet Again

Dear Kody,

One year ago, you went home to be with the Lord. I wish you could receive my letter. I wish you could read my words.

I recall the day you first stepped into our church and worshipped our Lord together. We welcomed you into our church family.

I recall the moments we talked about ministries. Your willingness and eagerness to serve the Lord encouraged us so much my heart leapt.

I recall the times the two of us spent together: we ate out, shopped, saw a movie, attended a Christian concert … Our friendship grew as dear brothers in Christ.

I recall the day you came over to my home to celebrate Christmas with my family. Our joyous laughter rang loud in every corner of my place. The gift that you gave me is still treasured in my cabinet and well kept in my heart.

All these precious moments seem new as if they were now happening before my eyes. All these cherished moments seem fresh as if I were now hearing your voice.

I did not feel your physical pain. It was the emotional pain that gave me the ache in my heart, so deep and so immeasurable for me to say farewell to you as my dear friend and my dear brother in our Lord Jesus Christ.

You are now dwelling in the room He has prepared for you in His Kingdom.

Until we meet again, I will forever remember your kind face that shone with love, and it still does.

Until we meet again, I will forever remember your tender voice that reflected your warm-heartedness, and it still does.

Until we meet again, I will forever remember our friendship that connected the two of us in Christian brotherhood, and it still does.

Until we meet again, I will forever think of you. My life goes on with you in my heart.

I remember the hymn “It Is Not Death To Die.”

Romans 6:5 (NIV): If we have been united with him like this in his death, we will certainly also be united with him in his resurrection.

12 Responses to Until We Meet Again

  1. Such tears of love for a friend who has gone home! May Jesus comfort you with the reality that He gives us all: Joy in heaven in His presence. Unspeakable joys, heavenly peace. Amen. 🙂

  2. Beautiful sentiments, Dicky. Praying for His peace, that all of us continue to understand that the journey with Him never ends.We are always in the arms of the Lord.

  3. Peggy Pak says:

    Thank you for these well said words of love, hope and conviction! You are right, Kody will forever be in our hearts!

  4. That’s a beautiful tribute, Dicky, and a painful one too. I don’t know if you know that there’s a song by the title of your story…it was a war time song sung among loved ones and friends who didn’t know if they’d see one another again. Isn’t it wonderful that as Christians we know we’ll see our loved ones who know the Lord, in His beautiful Kingdom in Heaven? 🙂 What a blessed assurance~

  5. Susan Michaels says:

    Dicky, I recall praying for Kody, and somehow I see him smiling and praising God and saying ‘hi’ to you from his heavenly vantage point…Blessings and prayers, Susan

  6. A wonderfully written post!

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