7×7 Award

January 25, 2012

I am so joyful that Susan Michaels from LightWriters shared this 7×7 Award with me.

7 things about me: 1.) I am a Christian. 2.) I am a Cantonese. 3.) I love to eat chocolates. 4.) I love to write. 5.) I love to cook. 6.) I love to think. 7.) I love to play toys. Still a little child!

I am sharing this award with my friends (I hope I am not too late to share it with them)  Jeanne, Joyce, Drusilla, Pam, Cristal, Teresa and Abby

Thank you.


Candle Lighter Award

January 11, 2012

Today, I am so joyful to receive the Candle Lighter Award nomination from my dear friend Jeanne Webster.

Here is the link to her post so that you can read about this special award.

Let us all light a candle and let it shine for the Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.