The Prayer of Two Young Boys

After dinner at a restaurant last Friday, my family and I went home. As we arrived outside our garage, I, as usual, pressed the button that was programmed to open the garage door. But to our bewilderment, the door failed to open. I tried over and over again, but it seemed that the circuit or something was jammed. Then we began to panic. 

I stepped out of the minivan and tried to open the screen door, but I did not have the key to it. Then my wife came and assisted. Still, nothing seemed to be working. 

Of a sudden, the garage door opened before our eyes. Why? What happened? When we got back to the car, my boys told us that they prayed to the Lord, and He answered their prayers. Well, it was my wife who instructed both of them to consult God before she came to help me. 

Where was my faith? Why did I panic? Haven’t I said that God will help us no matter how small or how big our problem is? 

As an adult, I still learn from my 2 young boys who put their trust in the Almighty.

One Response to The Prayer of Two Young Boys

  1. Wonderful story! God bless!

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