A Father’s Joy

To my mind, working hard to earn a living is a task God has entrusted me to do with all my best. Besides doing it to honor the Lord, I also do it to support my family because they are the ones I always hold dear.

Each day I come home from work, I always receive a warm greeting from my wife. How about my 2 boys? Oftentimes I don’t see them when I step into the house because they are either in their room doing homework or in somewhere else doing their own things. But I am very delighted when I hear them shout ‘1, 2, 3…Hello, Daddy!’ That is the greeting that they give me, the greeting that is simple but loving, warm-hearted, and touching.

More, when my wife or my boys say to me ‘I love you’, joy immediately leaps within me. What else do I need from them?

I do not expect any return from my family, but I do appreciate the love they all feel for me, and the bond that we all have as one family.

Imagine how joyful our Heavenly Father will feel if we say to Him ‘Father, I love you.”

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