Set Free

Recently, I found animal trace in my backyard. Determined to capture it, I baited a cage with peanut butter and set the cage behind some bushes. Then my family, friends and I prayed that the animal be trapped.

Day after day, we waited and waited, but we did not see any more trace, and thought that the animal must have left our neighborhood. Yesterday, as I again checked if there was any more animal trace, I saw a big raccoon in the cage! As we looked at the creature, it trembled in fear.

I gently loaded the cage into my car’s trunk and drove to a forest preserve far away from my home. There, I placed the cage on the grass and softly opened the trap door. Without a bit of hesitation, the raccoon quickly crawled out. It was free!

The bait is like temptation. When we yield to it, we are trapped in sin, and we will be in darkness. But if we believe that our Lord Jesus Christ can set us free, then don’t hesitate, and come to Him immediately, and He will set us free, for we cannot break free by our own strength.

2 Responses to Set Free

  1. Jiewei Zeng says:

    A big raccoon? Are you scared?

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