Is anything too hard for the Lord?

I might have told you this story, but this time I am sharing it with you from another angle.

As my M.B.A. study was coming to an end, I desperately needed a job, a job that could secure my residential status in the U.S.A. Without such a status, I would be departed back to Hong Kong; I would have to leave my girlfriend (now my wife). Therefore, I urged myself to send out hundreds of my resumes, hoping that I would get an offer in a short period of time.

Waiting. A Bible verse grabbed my attention and I quoted it in my prayer every time I prayed to the Lord: Genesis 18:14 (NIV) “Is anything too hard for the LORD? I will return to you at the appointed time next year and Sarah will have a son.”

Sarah was old; maybe too old for a woman to have babies. But God told Abraham that his wife would have a son at the appointed time. God did keep His promise and gave Sarah a boy Isaac.

I was jobless; maybe too difficult for me without a residential status to have a job in the U.S.A. Day after day, we both became nervous as the time for my degree completion was drawing near. We waited and waited and waited until a week before my visa expired. God did provide me with a job at His appointed time.

To this day, I still hold onto the promise of God in my heart. He is the God who does all the wonders in our lives.

4 Responses to Is anything too hard for the Lord?

  1. Teresa Jobst says:

    Waiting on the Lord is an aquired spiritual discipline with great rewards! Thank you for this testimony!

  2. Abby Kelly says:

    I had not read that before. Thanks for sharing. I will speak to many people especially in this economy.

  3. A good lesson for us all…wait on the Lord! 🙂

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