My burden lifted

Alone. I could hear the pounding of my heart as I sat behind my desk in my room yesterday. I knew I felt no peace. What was wrong? I was struggling with an issue that I did not know how to handle. As my burden continued to weigh heavily on me, I felt as if my lungs could no longer take in air. Then I closed the door behind me, sat back down and prayed to the Lord. I earnestly asked the Almighty to search my heart, to cleanse me, to listen to my cry and to give me an answer.

But I still did not feel peaceful. I could not let the day go by with anxiety and worry; I decided to pray to God again. After I finished talking with Him, I went to the family room to watch one of my boys play with his toys. All of a sudden, I felt totally relieved as if the Lord had just given me His answer; as if my body were weightless.

Around 8 p.m. the same day, my phone rang. The caller ID showed my sister’s number, and at that exact moment I knew that she wanted to discuss the issue with me. I had to answer the phone as I could not wait to listen to what she had to say. Her calm voice sent a signal to me that God must be intervening in the issue. As we talked, I came to realize that the Lord reassured me about His answer that He had told me moments earlier.

I praise God for His faithfulness and His intervention during my stressful time. Our prayers do not merely serve as a mean of communications with our Lord, but also a way to bind the devil.

4 Responses to My burden lifted

  1. Teresa Jobst says:

    I love how God always sends his confirmations to us to let us know he has heard us and as you say is binding our enemy! Good post!

  2. Abby Kelly says:

    He is wonderfully, always faithful!

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