Chapter 3: When Love Comes

Love In His Guidance

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Chapter 3: When Love Comes

Seasons came; years passed. The autumn wind in October once again swept over the land. All things seemed to stay the same. But in his heart, Hang was determined to make some changes in his life.

“Kin, please drop me off by the subway station,” Hang told his chauffeur.

“We are going home, aren’t we, Master Hang?” Kin glanced at him through the rear view mirror.

“I’m 22 now. I want to learn how to ride a train. And I’ve told you not to call me Master. Okay?”

“But Mrs. Lee ordered me to drive you home before she took off for her social club a minute ago, Master.”

Hang breathed a sigh of exasperation, then looked hard at Kin. “That was not my order. Drop me off by the station now. And don’t ever call me Master again because I don’t like it.”

“Yes, Master Hang. Please watch out as Saturday is a very busy day of the week in Tsim Sha Tsui. There are thousands of people out there. You see.” He gestured to him to peer out the window.

Hang responded, “This area is also a well-known shopping district in Kowloon. I’ve been here several times before. And you said Master again?”

The driver shrugged as if that meant an apology. He then steered the Rolls-Royce a bit farther down the road, made a left turn and pulled over. Before he could step out of the car to open the door for his Master, he heard him say, “I can do it myself.”

Climbing out of the car, Hang shoved the door closed and watched the automobile drive off. He felt like he had just escaped from a prison. Looking skyward, he squinted at the afternoon sun. The smile on his face was as bright as the great expanse. In long strides, he walked past crowds of passersby, heading toward the station.

Moments later, he descended a stairway until he reached an underground concourse. In a brief glance, he saw a row of machines and surmised that they must be the kind that sold tickets. Hang advanced to one of them, read the instructions and bought his very first train ticket. His expression joyous, he felt as if he accomplished a great task. Leaving the machine, he passed the gate and followed the signs to find the boarding platform.

A train was approaching as its arrival was announced over the intercom, but Hang missed the announcement. As he neared the platform, passengers rushed into the train. He hurried forward, barely snatching a spot in the vehicle before the door slid to a close. The car was not fully occupied, though all the seats had been taken, so he gripped a pole most convenient to him.

A female passenger, thin and medium-height, was about to grab a pole, but the train jerked forward as it started to move, causing her to lose balance. She staggered two steps backward as she released a girlish screech. Impulsively, Hang, standing behind her, caught her by the arm while still tightly holding his pole. As he steadied her, a voice repeated the next stop over the intercom.

With a concerned voice, Hang asked the girl, “Are you all right?”

Her creamy white face turned red. She threw him a quick glance, keeping her head low in embarrassment. She could only speak above a whisper, “Mmhmm. Thank you.”

The young man gently guided her left hand to the pole, and she clasped it.

After a few seconds, she raised her head toward him and saw his gaze fasten on her with a kind smile on his face. Instantly, she looked away, casting her small eyes to the floor. Why is he staring at me? she wondered, I am not pretty

“Excuse me, Miss.” His voice jolted her out of her thoughts.

The girl looked up and regarded him, waiting for him to continue.

“Is this train going to Hong Kong Island?”

She nodded. ”You may get off either at Admiralty or Central. Central is the last stop.”

“Central. Thank you.”

“You’re very welcome.” She cocked her head to the side, beaming him a warm smile, then looked back down at the floor. For long seconds, she felt that he still had his eyes glued to her. But something deep inside her told her that this gentleman was someone whom she should not fear. Slowly, she lifted her head and darted a glance at him and then turned away as soon as their gazes met. Her pulse began to accelerate; her palms sweated. She could not explain to herself why such a feeling engulfed her, this sudden, strange feeling of connection with a man whom she had just encountered.

Am I losing my mind? Somehow, she looked up once again. Through her sweet smile, she allowed herself to peer at him, her heart throbbing within her.

Hang returned an ardent smile as he bobbed his head at her. He eyed her flawless skin and her long, silken pony tail. The loose strands of her hair hanging in her cheeks made her look very attractive. Her tender pleasantness appeal captured his heart. He sensed he had known her for years. For seconds, they just stared at one another as if they were the only two passengers on the train.

Such a moment raced by just as the train swiftly reached Admiralty. Crowds of passengers dashed out. The girl nodded in Hang’s direction with a smile, then exited. Hands in her coat pockets, she moved toward an escalator. She stopped halfway with intent to glance back at the handsome man, but heaved a sigh as if she knew they would never meet again. She continued on her way.

Hang watched the girl disappear as the train proceeded to its final destination.

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  1. Teresa Jobst says:

    Dicky you are a good storyteller, I am looking forward to reading more of this story! Blessings brother!

  2. The suspense is building! Good work, Dicky!

  3. This is an intriguing storyline and takes me right into another place and cultural venue…and I like the way you draw the reader into the story through the conversation between Hang and his driver…as well as with the young woman. I will go back and read the other chapters! 🙂 Keep right on writing!

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