Knowing You

Philippians 3:7 (NIV)
“But whatever was to my profit I now consider loss for the sake of Christ.”

Pursuing worldly success was once my ambition rooted down deep in my heart. I longed for wealth and fame for my own sake. During my career in the past, I constantly demanded promotions, promotions and promotions as I thought corporate success would make me happy. But I felt the emptiness of my heart as I held onto my own dream, for my ambition only made my soul thirstier and thirstier.

On my journey with the Lord, I struggled and struggled. In the end, He gave me a new direction in my life as He sanctified me. Jesus indeed set me free; I am no longer bound by my own self-seeking ambition. Rather, serving Him is now the desire of my heart; what I had once held dear is not of importance to me.

Last week, my manager talked to me about my potential promotion. However, I found myself not thinking about it or not asking God to give it to me, for I have learned to be content with what I have. If my promotion comes, I will be happy to receive it, but if it does not come, it is not meant for me to have it.

I have been asking God to grant me an opportunity to serve Him. Today, I had a meeting with the director of multi-cultural ministries at my church and talked with him about myself and asked him where I could help. I was excited when he told me that he would like me to be a blog contributor for the Chinese group. Through my articles that will be posted on the blog, I pray that many Chinese Christians may find my writings inspirational and encouraging, and that many Chinese non-believers may be touched by my testimonies and may accept Christ.

Have you ever heard the hymn ‘Knowing You (All I once Held Dear)’? This song always moves me to tears as it reminds me of how God transformed me from a self-centered person to a man who now has a heart to serve Him and others.

What is the thing that you have held dear but it has never filled the hole in your heart? Let go and come to Jesus, and you will taste of His transforming power.

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6 Responses to Knowing You

  1. It is with tears I read your blog…Thanks be to God!

    Many blessings, dear friend.

  2. Yun says:

    Hi Dicky. I know exactly what you mean about abandoning self-ambition and just desiring to serve Him. You wouldn’t happen to live in Honolulu, would you? If so, I could connect you to some workplace-based ministries that might be of interest to you.

    Thanks for linking to my blog! I’m subscribing to yours as well.

  3. Teresa Jobst says:

    Such an important lesson when we learn that God is the one who
    promotes us and “enlarges our tent”. So happy to hear you will be writing for your multi-cultural ministry and reaching out to Chnese
    believers to encourage them! God is using your writing!

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