I have kept the faith

Some of you know I write radio dramas for Christ to the World Ministries (www.christtotheworld.com).

My seven dramas were based on the romance stories in the Bible: Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebekah, Jacob and Rachel . . . just to name a few. Last night, I finally finished the last one and submitted it to the senior editor. He told me the dramas will be broadcast throughout much of the world. Many who will be listening to the dramas will be hearing the Gospel and the story of our Lord Jesus Christ for the very first time.

I am not writing this post to let you know how proud I am. Rather, I am writing this post to let you know God answered my prayer—to reach out to millions of unsaved souls, including Chinese and other different ethnic groups. I am so joyful the Lord is using me in His work.

Before I completed the series, I went through a very tough spiritual battle against the ancient snake. It oftentimes tempted me with worldly desires. I despised myself that I was unworthy of doing God’s work. I did not want to write the dramas anymore. I was sick, spiritually sick.

God did not give up on me. Through Bible messages, He commanded me to stand up and fight the evil one. At first, I ignored His warning. But God kept pouring out His Love onto me. I struggled again and again. And at last, I prayed to ask Him to forgive me. I stood back up and kicked the serpent out of my life.

I want to cry not because I am sad but because I am so joyful that I have won the battle. Victory always belongs to our Savior.

2 Timothy 4:7
I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

14 Responses to I have kept the faith

  1. Dicky, this was such a beautiful post. Completing a series of dramas was a lot of work that took a great deal of study, time, and perseverance. Great job, and praise God for His faithfulness.

  2. Susan Michaels says:

    WOW! Praise the Lord, and thank you Dicy for the tremendous testimony of faithfulness! This brings me great joy! 🙂

  3. Satan always works hardest on us when we have a big project for the Lord. But God is bigger than he. Your work is an example of that. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Praise God, Dicky. He is faithful even when we fight against Him. Thank you so much for sharing this with us, it is a powerful testimony of His grace.

  5. Dicky, I am so excited for you! I just checked out “Christ to the World Ministries.” It looks like a wonderful ministry! I can relate to feeling unworthy of doing the Lord’s work. I’m so happy to read that you put your armor of God on and didn’t quit. May you continue to have a passion for Christ and follow His call for your life!

  6. Thanks for sharing your testimony, Dicky! I’m blessed to have you for a critique partner.

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