He Accepts Who I Am

If you have followed my stories ‘The Happy Smile On my Face’ and ‘His Thought Is Higher’, then you will know about my point here.

My team and I have been converted from employees to contractors and will stay in the current office until September. Some of the people from other departments that we have worked with now show their real faces hidden behind their masks: they look right through us. How obvious is that they have changed their attitudes toward their ‘old’ friends! I cannot change them; I just need to accept the reality.

Our Lord is totally different. He does not judge us by who we are; He always welcomes us in His unconditional love.

I praise Him for His faithfulness. Amen.

One Response to He Accepts Who I Am

  1. Thank the Lord He is faithful! Prayers for you and your fellow colleques that you will find secure jobs in the future. Until then, praise the Lord for what we have today!

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