A date with my lovely wife

One day in Hong Kong, my in-laws babysat my two boys as I planned to go out with my wife on a date.

We took trains to a mall and enjoyed our time together: shopping and eating. Such a date reminded me of the times when I dated my wife during our college years. After school, we took a train to Downtown Chicago, and then walked hand-in-hand all the way to Water Tower Place and spent our time there.

To me, what makes our dates so special is I can hold her small, soft hand. Whenever our hands are clasped together, I recall the very first time her hand was in mine years ago; it was a moment of tenderness, closeness and trust. Such feelings still remain within me.

I thank God for giving me a godly, beautiful wife that I did not dream of. I thank God for all the moments that I have spent with her. I thank God that I can hold her hand.

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