BBQ Shop

BBQ Shop

The second day in Hong Kong, we went to a restaurant in a mall and bought a whole roast duck and two boxes of rice for lunch.

Wow, to this day, I still remember the very first bite on the first piece of the duck. The skin was so crispy; the meat was so tender; the aroma and the taste were so pleasing. We were all satisfied with such a mouth-watering meal.

Later on our trip, we also tried BBQ pork at another restaurant. Its meat was juicy and tender with a taste of honey.

You know what? Some of the fast food chains in Hong Kong also serve roast duck and BBQ pork, and they do a very good job as well.

The photo you see was taken on a street market nearby where I used to live. The roast ducks and geese, and the roast pork and BBQ pork were ready for customers to buy.

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